How do you name a pet?

Although the new pup will be my second dog, she is the first dog I have ever had to name. About five years before I got him, I decided with absolute certainty I would name my first dog Mr. Eko. There was never any debate. But now just a few weeks away from the big day I still haven’t found a name for my girl that fits.rhodesian ridgeback puppy

She fits perfectly, now we just need a name that fits her the same way

Here are a few of the ideas we’ve had fun kicking around:

Funniest name: Mrs. Potato Head, or “Tot” for short.

Nostalgic name: Nala (from The Lion King) T

hematic name: Freckles (Eko’s name is from the show LOST – Freckles is the nickname of another character in the show)

When I visited the litter I tried to pick up some name cues based on her personality. rhodesian ridgeback puppy

She got into a heated battle with her shadow, so that got me thinking about names from Peter Pan like Wendy and Tiger Lily 

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

She was also determined to cause trouble and go places she shouldn’t. That put me on track thinking about mythological/fictional  trouble makers with names like Eris, Kuma and Lyra Silvertongue  

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

Although she looked like a loaf of bread while sleeping, “Loaf” doesn’t exactly have the right ring to it…

No name has stuck yet, so I’m hoping inspiration will strike soon. Help me get those creative juices flowing and let me know how you came up with your pet’s name. Hopefully your stories will kickstart my brain. If you have any name suggestions or ideas about naming be sure to share those as well.

rhodesian ridgeback puppy Help this pretty girl find her name!

I need all the help I can get!

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  1. I just adopted a Great Dane and she came the name Kuda. Which I didn’t get at first. Thought was a short version from the Lion King “Hakuna Matata”. Turns out it means “Horse” in Japanese/Chinese. But it’s definitely a unique name. Her nicknames “Kooky Kuda” “Kudis”.

  2. In that last picture the name Lulu popped into my head. Then I looked it up and in African-Swahili it means gem, in Arabic – pearl, in Germanic – fame, loud, fighter, warrior; and in Latin – bright, born at daybreak. Though I must say I like Nala too.


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