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Before circumstance and timing led me down a different path, I looked for my second pup at and I wanted to share my experience for those considering adopting/rescuing a pet.

There are plenty of misconceptions about adoption but there is one very real issue with adoption/rescue and it has nothing to do with the pets or shelters. Every person and every situation is different. Some people live in buildings with weight restrictions and some people live in cities with breed restrictions. Yes, both restrictions are silly, but they still impact what kind of dog a person can get.  Similarly, some people want an active hiking companion, while others are looking for a low energy pal.

If you look to adopt from a particular shelter, you might not find a four-legged buddy with the matching personality/energy level you’re looking for. Enter One single search sifts through 300,000+ adoptable pets from 13,000+ adoption groups!

Instead of going to one shetler, Petfinder brings thousands of shelters right to your computer, tablet or phone

No matter what kind of pet you’re looking for (cats, dogs, horses, scaley things, they have it all) Petfinder allows you to input your exact search criteria.

With the highly-customizable search function it was easy for me to do a catch-all search for young, female Ridgebacks

What I like about the search function is the gradient response. If your search doesn’t return any exact results, it will return varying partial hits. At the time of my search there were no female Ridgebacks under nine months old, so I was presented with juvenile/adult Ridgebacks along with younger Ridgeback mixes. One girl in particular really caught my eye.

 I’m from NJ, so between her name, her photo and her story I was head over heels for this girl. But I wasn’t the only one, she was adopted within 72 hours of when I first saw her

What I particularly love about Petfinder are all the options you have. If you don’t find a pet in your first few searches you can set up search alerts. Interested in a specific breed? Petfinder also provides direct links to thousands of rescue organizations like

To get involved, you don’t even have to go to Petfinder. Petfinder comes right to you on Facebook and Twitter with adoption updates/tips you can pass along. The power of technology to crowdsource adoption efforts is truly incredible.

Petfinder has some of the best developers in the biz

With over 150,000 monthly adoptions, is an amazing, customizable resource for finding the perfect addition to your family. Be sure to check out the site and Facebook/Twitter for more info!

16 thoughts on “Find a Pet with”

  1. Love that Will ! I guess we’ve always just fallen in Love with our local fella’s and then other pets ‘found’ us. I’m so appreciative to the people who are involved in rescuing these little souls so that someone will know their love and they can be part of a family and home. So many in need, it’s a tremendous effort.

    • This is so cool finding out so many people have already used Petfinder. I love it and definitely plan to use it in the future. It makes it simple and easy for both rescues and people.

  2. There are so many great ways to find a pet. Mom is a right now kind of girl, so if she wants a cat, she heads to the humane society and gets one, no time to monkey around online. With me, she had to wait and that about killed her. Bailie was last minute. PetFinder is great, though, and I know a lot of people use it to find the perfect pet.


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