Does your pet have a favorite place at home?

Most pups I know have a favorite bed, couch cushion or comfy crate where they love to curl up. Eko has a favorite place, but unfortunately it’s about 93 million miles from Earth and tends to move around a bit. Eko’s favorite spot is the sun.  In our old apartment Eko knew all the best sunbathing spots and would happily trade away cushions for better position in the sunshine.rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

On cloudy days Eko would patiently wait for the sun to peak out… 

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

And then stretch himself as close as he could to his favorite star. You can practically hear him saying “Awwww, YES!”

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

He also mastered curling himself just-so in order to maximize sunlight. I swear Eko is solar powered

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

*iEko – 87% – charging*

As we settle into our new place, Eko has played the part of Goldilocks, trying to find a new favorite spot that fits just right. I suspected it would be on the couch by the front windows.rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

So I couldn’t figure out why he chose the futon in the back room where there is only a single window

I couldn’t figure it out because it had been cloudy over the past few days. Then one sunny afternoon it all clicked.

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

“Wooo, new favorite spot, baby!”

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago


I never should have doubted the little sundial. When we moved in he must have noticed the back room actually gets some of the best direct sunlight in the afternoon.

rhodesian ridgeback, sun, chicago

One happy pup

If you can look at all of these photos of Eko’s big yawns in the sun and not yawn yourself, you have more self-control than I do. He looks pretty comfy, I think I may just ask him to move over!

35 thoughts on “Does your pet have a favorite place at home?”

  1. He’s just doing what comes naturally to the RR. Ridgebacks are all about food, soft places, sleep, food, sleep, warmth, food, sleep and/or cool depending on their desires of the moment. We have never allowed them on any of the couches at home or in the motorhome, so they hijacked our bed in both places. Now that we are preparing to live/travel in our motorhome full time for a while, we have decided to give up and let them each take up a (covered) couch on either side of the living room to keep the narrow aisle clear while the slides are in. Besides, they become very irritated if we wake them by stepping on or over their beds as we try to reach the back of the coach while traveling. Life is very hard when you live with such thoughtless humans!

    • Haha, your guys are definitely related to Eko. Our couches and futon are beat up, so we throw a blanket on and everyone wins. As you say, much easier than the alternative.

  2. Hahaha Zoey is the same!! Kasper, he couldn’t care less where the sun is, but Zoey will follow it all around the room! 🙂

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