Have a pet? Congratulations, you’re a superhero!

In the movies you need to come from another planet or be bitten by a radioactive spider to get super powers. In the real world though, if you want a “spidey-sense” all you need is a pet.

“What’s that, boy? Timmy fell down a well?”

Here’s how it works. Around here, when things are quiet, things are good. When things are quiet I turn around and see this:

A content and relaxed pup

While “quiet” is good, anyone with a pet will tell you there can definitely be too much of a good thing. My spidey-sense starts tingling when intuition tells me it’s “too quiet.” The scene is usually the same: I’m furiously typing, oblivious to the world – my typing slows to a stop as intuition hits – I turn to see Eko’s gone – I dash from my chair calling his name frantically.

Inevitably, mischief is afoot.

Maybe I forgot to clean up my plate and Eko’s taking a gander at leftovers

Or maybe he’s used brute force to break into his food. (I’ve since bought a dog food container with a lock!)

These boots didn’t survive, but my intuition has undoubtedly saved me hundreds of dollars in damages because I caught Eko before he could get in trouble

Intuition is an invaluable tool for anyone with a pet. It’s not only good for preventing mischief, it’s also how we know when our pets might need a longer walk or some extra affection. It’s how we know our four-legged buddies are “off” and need to be whisked to the vet. And in all these cases when people ask “How did you know?” the answer is always the same, “I just did.”

I think I have a pretty honed spidey-sense but soon enough my powers will be put to the test. Hope they’re up for the challenge!

“Cute little me, make trouble? Never…”

Has spidey-sense intuition ever helped save the day for you and your pets?


13 thoughts on “Have a pet? Congratulations, you’re a superhero!”

  1. I don’t think your new pal will be any trouble, ever……too cute for that silliness 😀 Once when it was storming out, Buddy was doing a lot of whimpering. I went to the living room a couple of times to pet him and assure him it was ok. Once, I’m lying in bed thinking, “oh …mmmmm…..he’s quiet now” I thought maybe he went to sleep. Then all of a sudden a flash of lightning brightened the bedroom and there was Buddy, right next to my bed. He scared the crap out of me, LOL

  2. It wasn’t that we needed to have super powers or worry when it got too quiet. Cody just investigated things when we were right there. IE– Put his head into the trash as we’re getting a new trash bag out.

    He was smart. But I think he thought it was the ol’ “your back is turned so you can’t see what I’m doing” bit. And if he somehow got to the food and ate it, we didn’t allow it to happen again. He really didn’t have much choice in the matter, even if he tried.

  3. Katie and I are real well behaved, but my stealth sister Bailie gets into things in a flash and Mom usually gets “that feeling”. Wait until the puppy is there!

  4. Mom always hates when it’s too quiet. I can’t get away with anything around here! I love that puppy belly in the picture. I wish I could lick it!

    Love and belly licks,

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