Today is THE day!

That’s right, later tonight I’m picking up the newest addition to our family! “Wait, how is that possible?” you ask. “She’s in New Jersey, and I thought you were picking her up next week.” you say. Well, turns out I’m not so good at math and did not count the weeks correctly. (Maybe I should have paid attention to my mom’s teaching lesson)

On Monday John let me know my girl was ready to go home this week – a week earlier than I planned. I changed some plans, canceled others, frantically packed and hit the road early Tuesday morning with Eko as my co-pilot. Now we’re back in NJ and anxiously looking at the clock every two seconds.  Luckily I have Auggie to distract me.

Can’t wait for this little fluff monster to meet his new cousin

Like many of you, I wondered how it could already be time for the pups to go home. I mean, they were just the littlest stinkers last time I saw them…

Awww…they’re not ready yet!

As if reading my mind, John emailed me a photo with the caption “How you know they’re ready to go.”

I wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes and knew there was no doubt. These pups are close to ten-weeks-old and if they don’t go to their new homes I’m worried John’s home might end up in pieces

I’m anxious, happy, nervous, excited and just about bursting with anticipation right now. A great journey is about to begin!

I know I’ll hold her in the future, but as for what the future holds? That’s for all of us to find out together

See everyone tomorrow for day one of our new adventure!

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