Penny’s First Road Trip

Today we’re on the long, straight and (fingers crossed) boring road to Chicago. This is Penny’s first big road trip so yesterday I did my best to tire her out and get her used to time in the car. Our first visit was a quick pit-stop at the vet for an exam.

Penny’s not due for vaccinations quite yet, so she just got to do the fun stuff like ride the scale and watch while Eko got his annual physical. Both older brother and little sister are in good health

Coincidentally, Emily’s hometown is about an hour from mine so for our next stop we visited Emily’s mom. Eko and Penny had a blast flying around the fenced yard.

Penny is not the least intimated by Eko. She loves instigating a good family brawl

Safe to say I am now Emily’s mom’s third favorite. But can you blame her?

While I loaded up the car last night Eko worked on his skills as a babysitter. I’m happy to report the pups are starting to bond.

Hard to believe just a few days ago that Eko wouldn’t go anywhere near Penny

Penny exhausted herself at Emily’s and slept the whole car ride home. We had another romp first thing this morning before setting off so hopefully she’ll sleep for a good portion of the trip. Penny will need all the rest she can get because Emily is dying to meet/play with her new little girl.

See you guys tomorrow from the Windy City!

15 thoughts on “Penny’s First Road Trip”

  1. I had to pinn that last photo, cause Penny looks like you shrunk Eko in some mad scientist lab 😀 But the photo of Emily’s mom holding Penny is just wonderful. OMGosh, could you imagine anything cuter? I’m so happy to hear Eko has given his approval for your newest family member. They’re going to have so much fun together.


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