[VIDEO] Puppy Penny On The Loose!

I’m no Grinch, but my heart grew a few sizes the day I brought Penny home. These past ten days have been filled with love, adventure and a promise of great things to come for all of us. For the first time in live action – World, meet Penny!

47 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Puppy Penny On The Loose!”

  1. Loved every minute of your video. What fun you’re all having. That widdle howl was so funny. Daddy to the rescue. The dog door is just the neatest thing too. She’s pretty much a movie star already 😀

  2. What a great video that you’ll have so much fun looking back on. Penny is adorable, just like her big brother Eko and her cousin? Auggie. The 3 Amigos.


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