“Be Right Back”

I’m writing this as I quietly reorganize my closet. Eko is fast asleep, but if he hears the tell tale clink of my travel bag, the jig is up. He’ll pace and pout and do everything in his power to make me take him with me. I’m not even going anywhere, but I would still inevitably feel guilty! Penny doesn’t know what my bag signifies yet, but I’m sure she would follow Eko’s lead. I don’t need the extra guilt!

rhodesian ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, adventure

Don’t give me those puppy eyes, I already feel bad

Guilt. Guilt is definitely at the top of the list of feelings I have about leaving the pups. Whether it’s for three hours or three days, I always feel at least a twinge of guilt as they stare at me when I walk out the door.

rhodesian ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, adventure

“You’re leaving us!?”

rhodesian ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, adventure

“Look, I can come outside with you!”

Eko and Penny get lots of love and attention, but one thing they never get is an explanation. It’s one of the few downsides to being a dog. However, I’ve come up with a trick which has helps assuage both my guilt and the pups’ anxiety. Whether I’m just going to check the mail or if I’m going to be out for a few hours, I always give Eko and Penny a cheerful, quick “Be right back!”

Of course, sometimes I’m not right back. But the repetition of the phrase helps the pups calmly acclimate to my leaving and it reminds them no matter what, I’ll always come home to take care of them. And though leaving may still be tough, when I come back I always receive a royal welcome.

rhodesian ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, adventure

 “I got you this! Never leave again!”

Anyone else have any tips, tricks or things they do when you have to leave your pet? I have a feeling there are some good ones out there!

38 thoughts on ““Be Right Back””

  1. I always give Leo a treat when I leave after making him earn it by practicing a number of commands. He actually is happy to see me get my things and prepare to leave! No guilt here!

  2. Those eyessss. So sad. I love the “Be right back!” I usually say, “Be a good girl!” on my way out, which is somehow more threatening. Haha. Maybe I’ll have to institute the BRB.


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