[VIDEO] Raising a pup, the second time around

There’s times when Eko and Penny pull me in opposite directions (both metaphorically and literally) but I’ve found in many ways that raising a pup is easier the second time around. Not surprisingly, I have Eko to thank! Here’s how he helps lead the way.

Side note: I’m trying to nifty-up our videos a bit (higher resolution, click through annotations, etc). However, there is a good chance that in doing so I might break the entire internet. If you notice any issue please let me know.

Have a good August (what!?) weekend – have to soak up the summer while we can!


21 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Raising a pup, the second time around”

  1. Love the video, as always! However you do it, and whenever both these cuties are a credit to your training techniques!… Can I borrow them?
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x


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