Pets make the best accomplices

To tell you the truth, I’ve lied before. Just the other day I told Emily I didn’t eat the last piece of cake. If it hadn’t been for that frosting on my face I would have gotten away with it.

But unlike my above blunder, a good lie has to be believable. That’s where my dogs, the best accomplices a guy could ask for, come in. If I want to easily extricate myself from a social event? I just say I have a puppy at home, in a crate, distraught at my absence. I totally play up the emotions.

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This is the sad portrait I paint. In reality, when I get home I usually have to drag a happily sleeping Penny out of the crate against her will

Have to politely turn down an invitation? “I would come, but I have no one to watch the dogs.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback,  adventure, chicago, dogs, dog blog

“Will, let’s be serious. We watch you as a public service.”

Need a quick excuse in a hurry? Just say the magic word – “Puppy!”

Rhodesian Ridgeback,  adventure, chicago, dogs, dog blog

Come on, who would question those eyes?

And the best part is that all pets are perfectly happy to be your silent accomplice. Even pets that aren’t yours will work for a bribe or two.

Rhodesian Ridgeback,  adventure, chicago, dogs, dog blog

“My lips are sealed.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback,  adventure, chicago, dogs, dog blog

 “We didn’t see anything, officer.”

Now, my responsibilities to the pups sometimes do in fact prevent me from doing other things I legitimately want to do. However, I’ll admit I do sometimes fib or stretch the truth a bit if I need to make a get away. The best part is that I know my crew will never snitch on me! Well, as long as I keep the treats coming.

Come on, fess up. I know I’m not the only one who does this! Who out there has used their pets as an accomplice?


45 thoughts on “Pets make the best accomplices”

  1. Please give Dutch an extra treat tonight for a “mature” mother of a cat, to make uo for her forgetfulness with his name.

    • Haha I don’t blame you, I have a hard time keeping track of all these dogs running around in my life. Nevertheless, I’ll make sure Dutch gets a treat on your behalf.

  2. You seem to be handling the rsvp’s fine, but what about that picture of poor Eko trying to find a small space to relax too? Try putting his big bed on the floor in front of the futon, then watch Penny and Scout(?) fight over the dog bed, while Eko reclaims the futon. I hope I got the name right for the cousin. lol I really, really love Penny’s right ear. It seems to have a life of it’s own. Ya’ll have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy the beach!
    Dottie and Tuffy-Cat

  3. Hey Will, wondering if you have any tips on crate training. It seems like Penny loves her crate. Roo happily sleeps in her crate at night, but is not at all happy if we put her in during the day. We have worked to make a positive association with the crate, always giving kongs and treats when she goes in, but after a bit, she cries and cries. Samson was a cinch to crate train so we don’t know what to do…any tips?

    • A lot of it is personality. Eko was more like Roo and Penny is more like Samson. I’ve done the same exact training with both pups, but Penny just took to it quicker. She’s now happy to rush to her crate for a treat and will relax until I get home. With Eko, I worked on his day time crate training slowly. Starting with shorter durations (5-10 minutes) I would crate him and release him (only when he was absolutely quiet). From there I was able to build up to longer times. The most important lesson I learned was to NEVER open the crate when they’re whining. Good luck!

  4. Oh my gosh absolutely! See I like to be home on a Friday night unwinding and just watching Parks and rec with dinner and my labface Kahlua.. I don’t want to be out drinking or dining or making conversation. So I use him (and he is not even a puppy anymore!)

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