High Season at the Dog-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Well, it was official a long time ago, but now it’s really really official. My apartment has gone to the dogs. Here’s today’s lineup.

We have the leader, Eko

The troublemaker, Penny

The elder statesdog, Dutch

And our old pal, Riley

That’s correct, there are four dogs in my apartment today! My brother asked me to watch Dutch while he went to class and at the last minute Riley needed a place to stay for the night. The reason I’m a bit late posting today is because my apartment is just a tad hectic.

And by “a tad hectic,” I mean “a cacophony of mayhem”

Of course this perfect storm of dogs happened on the same day we have a not-so-perfectly-timed actual storm here in Chicago. After round one of Wrestlemania, the dogs have settled down. For the moment.

If they ever form a band, this will be the first album cover

Going to be an interesting day. See everyone tomorrow…I hope!

33 thoughts on “High Season at the Dog-Friendly Bed and Breakfast”

  1. Love the album cover picture, but my favorite is the mayhem picture with Dutch looking leaving the scene of the crime maybe just in case.


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