[VIDEO] Why Blog about Pets?

Over the years I’ve had countless people ask me the “Five W’s” about Marking Our Territory. The first four are easy to answer.

Who? A knucklehead and his two dogs

What? A blog

Where? Chicago

When? Monday through Friday, rain or shine

Why? Now here’s where things get interesting. Why blog? Why about dogs? What do I hope to accomplish? I took some time recently to think about these questions and here’s what I came up with.

Thanks to everyone who passes along some of that pet-love love here in the comments, on your own blog, or out in the world!

41 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Why Blog about Pets?”

  1. Dogs will be there for you no matter what. They bring such joy to our lives, I love that you bring so much joy to theirs and share it with us. I always feel better after reading one of your posts.


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