Where’s the most comfortable spot in your house?

I don’t have a very big apartment, so prime real estate for dog-napping is always at a premium. Nevertheless there are a number of different places for the pups to lay their heads. Last week, amidst the mayhem of our dog hotel, Penny somehow managed to nab what seemed like the score of a lifetime.15.1

The entire futon, all to herself – what could be better?

What could prompt the other three dogs to allow little punk Penny to takeover the futon?


The chance to quietly curl up next to Emily!


Penny may be a puppy, but she’s no fool. Once she figured out where all the other dogs were she came over to join the party


“Awwww, come on Emily, there’s no room!” Eko complained


And so poor Penny was forced to sleep alone. She had the entire couch to herself, but as you can see she didn’t look too comfortable


So Em called Penny back over to join the crew. After some jostling Penny managed to find the most comfortable spot in the apartment


And what is the most comfortable spot in any home? It’s always right next to you!

While the futon and my large couch remained empty, the gang all snuggled, piled together on the small couch for the better part of an hour.

When you’re at home, how does your gang like to lounge with you?

41 thoughts on “Where’s the most comfortable spot in your house?”

  1. LOVE IT! Hahahahaahh what a classic…these pics have it all….drama..cuteness…edge of the couch thrills hahaahaah:) made my night 🙂 funny we have been thinking of getting a new couch…a cheap one..designed to be wrecked by the cats here…we figure if we wait until they all leave us we will be sitting on tatters joined together with a bit if couch 😉 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. Our two aren’t allowed on the couch, but we do let them on our bed in the morning for some snuggles. Roo likes to cram herself right against you, either in between your shoulder and head or in between your legs. Then she slowly expands and pushes until you are so uncomfortable it’s not worth being in bed anymore haha. Samson’s favorite spot is at the foot of the bed, but with his head resting on some part of you. They also love their noses to be under a blanket, do yours do this? I posted some pictures of my guys at a beach, Roo’s first time 🙂

    • Ah, the old expanding-Ridgeback trick. They just balloon up until you pull a muscle from being stretched so far. Looks like your two (and you two) had an awesome time at the beach – a private one no less – not too shabby!

  3. Because we had leather couches the last 11 years of Cody’s life, he wasn’t allowed in them. But he had a blue chair he loved bird (and stranger/mail person) watching from that was in the front room.

    Beyond that, it was pretty much the pillows from the bed until my Dad went to work. And guess who took over Dad’s side of the bed. In the summer, it was the kitchen hardwood floors or the couches in the basement.

    He pretty much had prime real estate.


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