Clocks are for people without pets

Were the world ending, the city of Chicago in flames, the zombie apocalypse underway – at five o’clock sharp my apartment would look exactly like this. 17.1

“The world is ending? That’s nice, we’re still hungry.”

Of course the stomach clock is only one of the many bio-clocks in a pet’s arsenal. There is the bladder-clock, the time-for-a-walk clock, and the I-know-someone-I-love-is-coming-home-from-work clock. Just to name a few. As always, my personal favorite is the pet-sundial clock.  Now that we’ve lived in this apartment for a few months the dogs have the sundial mastered.


The sun first comes in through the window by my desk. It’s not a ton of light, so the first pup to snag the futon usually hogs it all


But don’t fear, pup #2 gets better sunlight when the sun makes its way around to the kitchen window


In the early afternoon, a building blocks most of the light, but Eko knows he can steal a small sliver of sun on the small couch


Midafternoon brings two perfect sunbathing spots. Eko generally snags the best spot…


But Penny gets to enjoy the very last rays of the day

Show me where my pups are and I can always tell you what time of day it is. Well, almost always. Cloudy days are a bit more trouble, though I do enjoy watching the dogs look for where the sun is supposed to be.


“I know I left it here yesterday…”

Speaking of which, what did the Romans do on cloudy days? Thankfully my two sundials have their stomach clock to ensure they never miss a meal, rain or shine.

I’m sure I missed some. So tell me, what kinds of clocks do your pets have?

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