What do pets think about?

We’ve all be there, sitting at a desk, looking off into the distance, trying to figure something out. A problem, a schedule, or maybe just considering where to grab lunch. In any case, we all know what that look means when we see someone else staring out into space.

Well every once in a while I catch one of my pups with the exact same look.


Is Eko pondering  life’s mysteries or just thinking about how he can make dinner arrive early

Even better is when I see the moment one of the dogs transitions from an outward activity to an internal self-examination. Penny will often go from chomping on a bone to slowly stopping until she just sits there with “the look.”


“Why are we all here?”

And I’m not sure why, but it seems that regardless of species, when you’re lost in thought you always tilt your head down.


“Am I saving enough for retirement?”

It’s not just at home – even when we’re at the beach I’ve caught Penny or Eko pondering some deep question. Occasionally they’ll both just stop and stare into the distance like they’re considering some great mystery together.


“Whenever we get in that car with Will it takes us to this beach. You don’t think Will controls the car do you?”

In truth I can only guess at what Penny might be thinking about when she goes from a full sprint to a dead stop at the beach and stares off for a minute.


“Did I leave the oven on?”

But what I don’t have to guess at how hilarious it is when one of the pups shocks the other out of that deep thoughtfulness.


Eko surprised Penny, who reared up and promptly fell on her butt!

What I wouldn’t give to find out what our pets think about! Well, when they’re not thinking about food that is. Any guesses?

37 thoughts on “What do pets think about?”

  1. Hello!! Someone tagged me in a post you had around on Facebook because my dog looks EXACTLY like your dog, Eko. Except my dog, Kiya, is a female. I would love to send you a photo of Kiya if that is possible. My husband and I have been trying to figure out what breed she is and Eko looks remarkably similar. Please email me; we would love to figure out what breed she is! I can’t post a photo on here, otherwise I would have. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I swear Marty’s main focus is how to get Da Bird out of the cupboard. Ralphie is how to plan the great escape out the front door. Anne is food food food. Mazie ILoveYouILoveYouIloveYou. Abbe pet my belly pet my belly. Pretty simple minds here. It was much different when I had Oskar. I always had to watch him. He was always thinking and I never knew what mischief he was planning 🙂


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