What’s better than a nap? A nap with pets!

My sister is in town this week for work so she stopped by my apartment to catch up. Instead, she mostly caught me catching up on some z’s with the pups. I couldn’t help myself! I saw how comfy Eko looked dozing in the sun, so I decided to close my eyes for just a second.

The “just a second” thing never works. I was out like a light and my sister got to document the formation of a dog pile

I think Penny was a bit confused because she’s usually the one snoring on the couch

But she happily joined right in. Dogs never need an invitation to nap

Eko nudged his way onto the couch and we happily napped the afternoon away

Somewhere in the middle of my nap, I awoke and thought “I really should get up.” Then I opened my eyes and saw Eko and Penny napping next to me. That was all the reassurance I needed to head back to dreamland!

There are few pleasures like taking an afternoon nap while your pets lazily doze with you.

As an added bonus, when you do get up, your pets have a heated pillow to enjoy

We are well-rested and ready to enjoy what promises to be a beautiful fall week here in Chicago. As the weather turns cool, if you find yourself in need of some R&R, I recommend you enlist the help of your pet- they’re like pillows and heated blankets all rolled into one!

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