[VIDEO] Teach Your Pet a Silly Trick

Nonsense, shenanigans, tomfoolery – call it what you will, but buffoonery and balderdash are my speciality. Luckily, I have a couple of pups happy to partake in the preposterous proceedings! And best of all, being silly with Eko and Penny happens to be one of the best ways to strengthen a serious bond between us.

Catch you guys next week, hope everyone has at least a dash of silly in their weekend!

22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Teach Your Pet a Silly Trick”

  1. Silly is our life! We love being goofy and Mom uses us as her excuse to be a bit goofy herself. We also work on training together, it is good for all of us. Now you need to get to Vegas with those two and do some gambling!

  2. That’s great! We have to get going on these — Duncan has been sick — HAD been — and on a severely restricted diet so training has been challenging. But we’ll get there!

  3. I love the play dead – thats great – always wondered how to train my dogs to do that – i’ll work on that this weekend – how much fun is that!! Thanks for the hilarious and educational training tips – have a great weekend


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