Pet Pumpkin Carving Season is Here!

As far as seasons go, fall is a strong contender for the best one out there. I particularly love fall holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween where the primary objective is to enjoy yourself. Now that fall and October are here, it’s time to get serious about being ridiculous. Despite my lack of artistic talent and hand-eye coordination I love pumpkin carving.
Dog, pumpkin, carving ,funny

My love of carving notwithstanding, Emily made Eko and I return these pumpkins last year 

Dog, pumpkin, carving ,funny

The rule is that each creature in the house gets to pick one, and only one, pumpkin

Some people think carving pumpkins is a joke, but around here it’s a serious operation.

Dog, pumpkin, carving ,funny

“Scalpel. Check.”

Say what you will about our methods, but we’ve never lost a patient.

Dog, pumpkin, carving ,funny


Halloweens of years past have been a two man (or one man/one dog, or one man/one crocodile) operation but this year we’ve got Pumpkin Penny on the team with us

In the end, my pumpkins never turn out quite as glorious as I imagine them, but it’s never not fun carving them. I’m officially on the look out for fun dog-themed pumpkin carving ideas so be sure to let me know if you have any good ones!

22 thoughts on “Pet Pumpkin Carving Season is Here!”

    • Haha we’ll have to shell out a couple grand for a pumpkin big enough! She’s only a few inches shorter than Eko at this point, but that won’t stop us from trying.


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