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True to style, I’m crashing the party and doing it well later than I should have. I’ve meant to get an instagram account going with the pups, but I only just started posting this past week. I’m already kicking myself for not starting sooner. Instagram is a fun way to aggregate all my favorite photos in a single place.8.1

I post some of my favorite older photos


Recent photos that I particularly like


And photos like this one which I think are worth resharing


Filters are a fun way to breathe new style into photos. Eko looks even more dashing in black and white


Instagram is also the perfect place to post photo I like (such as this ridiculous one) which don’t necessarily fit into a blog post


If you have an instagram account, stop on by!

I’ve already found a few of you to follow, but if you follow our account (ekoandpenny) I’ll be sure to follow back. And if you have any good account recommendations for who I should follow just let me know.

36 thoughts on “Check out Eko and Penny on Instagram!”

  1. We were wondering when you’d become an Instagrammer. Mom has an account where she posts pictures of us (of course) and stuff she makes. We’ll be following you as soon as we’re done with our blogging rounds.
    Wally & Sammy


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