How Do Dogs Remember?

When I pulled into my mom’s driveway late at night, Eko knew. I don’t know exactly when he realized it, but Eko absolutely knew where we were. Was it the sight of the house? The smell of the yard? I wondered how dogs recall a memory, but didn’t have much time to ponder the question as the car-weary pups bolted to the front door. They were enthusiastically welcomed by my mom’s pup, Auggie.20.1

As usual, he was all smiles!

The gang has been in a non-stop romp since we arrived and I’ve spent a good amount of my time catching lamps, fixing rugs and keeping the house in one piece. I’ll definitely post some photos later this week of the gang in action.

NJ treated us to late fall’s beautiful palette with early-fall-like temperatures. It was a perfect mix for a visit to the local dog park. I remember how Eko used to love flying around the park, soaring through the agility course.


Either the jumps shrunk or Eko grew, because he could basically walk over them this time around

Penny hadn’t seen an agility course before so it was fun to see her follow Eko’s lead. But the best part of the day was undoubtedly our hike on the trails.


There’s something about walking trails with your pups on a gorgeous fall day that just can’t be beat


Watching Penny follow Eko’s lead was great – the two adventure buddies stuck together like glue


“Hey wait for me!”



A good romp, a good sunny spot, a good nap. Life in NJ is good for a pup

Visits home always remind me how everything both stays the same and completely changes. Yet with all those changes, Eko still perfectly remembered my mom’s house, Auggie, and the dog park.

Any theories about how our pups remember the things they do? Like us, I’m guessing it’s a combination of senses.  Elephants never forget, but dogs have a pretty good memory too!

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  1. Oh, I think they remember too. When ever my dad came to the lake, buddy would always excitedly greet him with tail wagging. He often did this for other people too cause he was a friendly guy but with dad it was special.


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