It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superpuppy!

For the last leg of our NJ trip we’re visiting Emily’s parents. The pups absolutely love it here because they can fly around the fenced-in yard.

During Penny’s first visit here, “fly around” meant she could jump all of two inches off the ground

Now that Penny is really coming into her own, the romps this week were significantly more high flying than our first visit.


A flirt-pole, though weirdly named, is a fun way to ramp up the fun. If you have the space to use one, I highly recommend you try it out

Once Penny achieved enough speed on the runway it was time for takeoff: 


The pup went up…


And up…


And up!

It’s quite tiring to be Superpuppy, so Penny was rewarded with her very first roaring fire.


Love at first light


“I could get used to this!”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  And where there’s fire, there’s Eko. Superpuppy may have snagged the closest seat to the fire, but Eko got the best one.


And Emily? Emily got to wonder how Eko managed to pull this move off!

It’s tough to beat fires and fenced-in frolics, but unfortunately we only have one more day to soak it all up before heading home. Provided I can convince the pups to leave!

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