Next Stop: Chicago!

It may have been a short trip back to NJ, but it was certainly not short on fun.

We had a great visit, but now it’s time to wrap things up


We left no stone unturned in search of a good time


Penny even got to experience her very first fire!


There’s another thirteen hour trip in store, but after this week I don’t think the pups will have any trouble snoring the whole way through


Hugs all around, time for us to hit the road!

I took a bunch of video this week of the pups in action so hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to share on Friday. We’re on the road all day today, so we’ll catch everyone tomorrow back home in Chicago!

16 thoughts on “Next Stop: Chicago!”

    • Just saw this, thanks for sharing. It’s a small world, my first point of contact with Ridgebacks was actually through Janice Wolfe and Merlin’s Kids. Such an awesome program and I’m glad to see it’s getting well-deserved press.

      • That’s so cool! Yes, it is terrific that the group is getting good press — and even better that a group of kids who might not do so otherwise, will learn just what wonderful friends dogs make!

        But you may just need to write up that story, Will!

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