[VIDEO] Our Dog-Friendly Vacation

For our trip home this week we could have left Eko and Penny in Chicago with my brother. But where’s the fun in that? Bringing the pups along for the vacation made it more fun than it would have been without them. Dogs are good like that!


22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Our Dog-Friendly Vacation”

  1. Will, I think you and Emily have found the Fountain of Youth in your two 4-legged kids. I am so envious. The only romp I’ve ever had with a cat was actually a beautiful female lion owned by a friend. At the time I had a broken arm, and the lion checked out my cast carefully, and was ever so gentle with me in our playtime. Our animal friends truly have a sense of love and caring for their humans. Glad to have y’all back. I’m sure Emily will have lots of stories to tell about her trip when she returns to work.


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