Keeping up with the Boneses

A friend orders a better dish, a coworker pulls up in a new car, someone buys that house on your street you’ve always wanted. We’ve all been a bit green with envy before. Jealousy is not known to be a particularly endearing quality, but I have to admit that it can sometimes be quite cute amongst canine siblings.

At the beach Penny dug up some buried treasure


She was quite pleased with herself


At which point Eko decided life could not go on if he did not have that stick


When Eko pounced, Penny wisely dropped the stick and got out of the way


Eko was delighted, but Penny would not stand idly by while her treasure belonged to another


With a herculean effort, young Penny twisted the branch from the maw of her older brother

Eko shook off the defeat and prepared for another attack. But just before he dove into the fray he discovered another stick lying in the sand. The wily veteran picked up the new stick and went strutting right by his little sister.


Who immediately dropped her worthless stick and chased the new prize

Next time I’m feeling green I’ll try to remember that life is a big beach and there are plenty of sticks!

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