Face to Face

In the time BP (before Penny), Eko and I spent three years together. In that time I would have sworn I’d seen Eko make every facial expression possible – happy, sad, excited, you name it. But as I’ve learned in the past six months, there are some facial expressions which only a younger sibling can conjure.4.1

There’s the “Penny, you are so annoying!”


The incredulous “Penny, you are absurd”


Can’t forget the “Penny, you are in big trouble!”


This little sibling knows all the right buttons to press… 


And all the right spots to bite(!) to get a rise out of Eko


Even when she’s not trying, Penny manages something new – like this smack to Eko’s face with her wagging tail

And of course, my favorite new face:


I call it the “Hey, Will –  I think we should keep her!”

And my new face? Same as the old one – a big smile. Except now I get to use it twice as much!

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