What in the Whorl?

When I see other dogs, I tend to look at the big picture items like size, shape and color. I know others do the same, and with my pups there happens to be an easy-to-spot “big picture” identifier – a ridge. 6.1

The ridge of hair, running in the opposite direction, ends in two whorls at the top of Eko’s shoulders

But when I see Eko, that’s not the ridge I notice. Anyone can see that ridge, but you really have to look closely to see my favorite ridge,  the one on the bridge of his nose.


This little whorl is why I sometimes call Eko a Rhodesian Ridgenose

And the same goes for puppy Penny: 


Like Penny, her ridge is a bit off-kilter. Fitting, I think

In keeping with her bad-girl image, Penny has another whorl which I think makes her look like one tough chick. Check out Penny’s tribal neck tattoo:


Next thing you know she’ll be asking me to buy her a motorcycle

Since I have a pretty serious cowlick on my head, it seems only fitting Penny and Eko have an extra whorl. 


At a glance you wouldn’t notice either whorl, which I think it part of why I like them

No one knows your pet like you know your pet. And no one pays attention to the little things about your pet like you do. So I’ve always had a favorite whorl, spot or quirk on all my pets that others might not notice.

My secret is out! So what about you guys? What is a unique identifier for your pet that you love but others might not notice?



We love those whirls. Chancy is mostly black but he has a white spot on his chest shaped like a holly leaf and a grey circle just about in the middle of it. Also he has a patch of white hair right under his tail that really stands out amidst all the black. I can’t help but smile every time I watch him run or walk in front of me and I can see that white spot. Makes me think of seeing someone with a hole in their pants and their underwear showing. lol It is really cute on Chancy though. Hugs and nose kisses

Abbe has a cowlick that makes her hair flop over her left eye that is just adorable. Mazie has a wide stripe of hair down the middle of her back that is different than the rest that splits at her tail. Ralphie’s whiskers are two colors. Anne has these silly white eyebrows. Marty’s furs I get lost in all the time because they are just amazing. Plus each individual hair changes color down the shaft, they aren’t solid but 3 different colors when you look at them. 🙂

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