Road Trip!

Despite numerous letters to the President and both houses of Congress, my petition to reduce the distance between Chicago and New Jersey fell on deaf ears. I checked again this morning and the map still says we have a thirteen hour drive ahead of us. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


Vote Will/Eko 2016! We’ll remove inconvenient geographical distances!


I ran Eko and Penny doubly ragged yesterday so they’ll be content to snooze the trip away

This drive is never fun, but I’m lucky I have two road warriors for pups. I also have a theory that they don’t think the trip is that long since they’re sleeping for the vast majority of it.


What the backseat of my car looks like for ten of the thirteen hours

Either way, now’s no time for dithering. The road calls. Catch you guys tomorrow from NJ!


18 thoughts on “Road Trip!”

  1. I’d definitely vote for you two – just look how proud Eko is – he’d be a great leader. Great idea to wear them out before the trip. I couldn’t imagine going on a 13 hour ride with a couple of active dogs. Have a great trip.


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