All Play and No Work

Between two twelve-hour car rides in six days, the pups managed to fit in just about as much fun as possible.2.1

 There was lots of cuddling at grandmother’s house


Eko closely supervised Thanksgiving preparations at the table


But mostly it was this. Lots of this.

From dawn to dusk, for six straight days, the three pup circus dashed, crashed and danced their way around the house.


After a short rest in front of the fire each night the romping would begin once again

The pups slept Sunday night, piled into the car Monday morning and slept for twelve more hours. When we arrived in Chicago they went for a short walk, ate dinner and immediately went to their beds. This morning they ate again and haven’t moved since.


All play and no work makes Eko and Penny exhausted pups

We’ll stretch our legs later today, but for now I’m enjoying a few moments of golden silence. It’s good to be home!

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