The Pet Parent Superpower

Us humans are visual creatures, we rely primarily on our sense of sight to process information. But I’ve found my time with the dogs refined another one of my senses – my hearing. You could blindfold me and I could still tell you exactly what each of the pups is up to.Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

For example, I know what “quiet” sounds like when the pups sleep

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

But I also know what “too quiet” sounds like. And it inevitably means trouble’s brewing

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

I could narrate an Eko/Penny wrestling match only by the sounds of the collars, the growls and the gnashing.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

The quiet tension of an antler standoff has it’s own auditory signature

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

As does the sound of the victor munching on their prize. By sound I can tell exactly which pup is chewing on which toy. And I can also tell when they’re chewing on an unsanctioned item

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

Penny has a particular pitch to her voice when whining for Eko to share

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

And Eko has a particular huff when he insists he will do no such thing

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

I don’t need to see them to know exactly what Eko and Penny are up to!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, puppy

“Well, how am I supposed to cause trouble now?”

So now close your eyes and think. I bet you know the sound of your dog drinking, running, sliding, curling up and doing just about anything else. We know their every move before they do. Of course, they know every one of our moves before we make them, so I guess it’s a draw.

Any funny pet sounds in your house that immediately make you get out of your chair at light speed?


It’s the sound of nothing that will propel me from the kitchen in terror. Eddie is NOT the silent type; he howls, he throws himself against doors, he smacks Gracie Sue around, so not him. ahhh Gracie. She is addicted to kleenex tissues. All 5# of her goes all gooey at the sight of a balled up tissue. I can leave the room-literally-for TWO MIN and just KNOW that was a mistake. As fast as I run, she’s faster! When I return, Gracie Sue, my little “princess” has killed the trash bin and EVERYWHERE IN THE LIVING ROOM are teeny tiny pieces of what were once kleenex, including on her head, her mouth, stuck in her ears! As soon as she sees me she drops to the floor, shaking, like I’m the Marquis ‘de Sade, come to torture her. What can I say? I pick her up, cuddle her and yell at Eddie to quit with the garbage. He doesn’t care-he usually ignores me, Gracie stops shaking and we all have a treat. Has worked for 10 years-why mess with perfection?

If I can’t hear them I KNOW they are in trouble, just not the particulars! At 10 & 11 you’d THINK they’d be napping their golden years away but no. They’ve perfected their sneak attacks and can carry out their missions like ninjas … only deadlier!

Well, the sounds of scratching on the rug can only mean one thing: either Eddie the Grump, my attack Chihuahua, or Gracie Sue, the sneak thief, have had an accident and are trying desperately to cover it up. After a few minutes of trying something that will NEVER WORK, I hear a definite, annoyed snort, usually followed by a thud and a moan. Eddie (or Gracie Sue) had discovered, once again, that the rug just WON’T DO WHAT THEY WANT, and they’re exhausted and now need a nap.

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