Not-So-Winter Wonderland

At this time last year our never-ending-polar-vortex winter was well underway. It would be seemingly months before we saw the sun again here in Chicago. This year however, Mother Nature offered us a bit of a mulligan in the form of a bright, balmy December.

Blue skies and warm sun in mid-December? We’ll take it!


The beach is usually a field of snow this late in the year, so we’ll savor the sand while we can


After last winter, I think we earned this reprieve


I’m looking forward to Penny’s first romp in the snow, but for now I’m quite happy to watch her run wild on the sand


And stir up all the other pups, of course 


Romping in a not-so-winter wonderland

Winter will find its way here, and when it does we’ll be ready for snowy adventures and cozy nights with blankets on the couch. But until then there;s no reason not to savor a few extra days of fall!


Whenever winter does arrive, Eko and Penny are ready for it with their synchronized snuggling technique

How’s winter in your neck of the woods?

31 thoughts on “Not-So-Winter Wonderland”

  1. Seriously? My puppy kids are Florida born and bred (or hatched, whatever). We now live in NW Ohio. The very first time Eddie stepped in snow, he screamed like a girl, spun around and PEED on Gracie Sue! She just stood there, throwing me hateful (what the heck are we doing here?) looks. I have since purchased pee pads and a kitty litter box so their little puppy toes NEVER touch ice or snow. I think they’re still DISAPPOINTED in me, tho.

  2. Northwestern part of Germany: Rainy, windy, ugly. No sun (lucky You!), No snow expected, not even for Xmas.
    Mücke hates the rain ( like all Girls from Naples/ Italy usually do)- she even more hates her coat. When she becomes aware of me preparing this coat, she turns into a very special catatonic modus, kind of pretending to be dead.
    Silly lovely girl.

  3. We have continental climate here in the city (meditarenian on the coast of our country) so we have are looking forward to snow.
    We had our first winter with our female last year, and with our male a year before, and it was funny. They love love the snow.
    We already washed their winter coats and are prepared for snow adventures.

    • I also have to mention that its unusual warm for this time of yeat (16 Celsius degrees), but we are expecting snow in January.


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