Christmas trees are confusing

We are a bit late to the game, but yesterday I finally picked up a Christmas tree. At the cash register I noticed our reindog movement is picking up steam.

See, Santa!? The people want reindogs!

Earlier this week I wrote about what people make of the funny things dogs do, but I got a taste of my own medicine when I kicked in my front door with a tree in tow. Sure it seems like a normal activity to me but I can understand why the pups gave me strange looks.


“Hey, Will? So we happened to notice you brought a huge tree inside. You feeling ok, buddy?”


Penny flopped to the floor, completely bewildered


You could literally see the confusion on her face

Eko and Penny closely scrutinized the tree set-up and then Penny decided to do what dogs do best:


Taste everything!

After a sharp admonishment, Penny then did what dogs do not so well:


Pretend like she didn’t get caught

I snapped a quick photo with Eko and Penny in festive gear, but the pups just looked confused


“Yeah, still no idea why there is a tree inside”

At this point I realized an explanation was in order. In not so many words (and with the help of some tasty morsels) I explained that a tree inside simply means more treats. This got their attention.


“Hey Will, let’s get some more trees!”

With a bit of positive reinforcement, Penny and Eko now love our Christmas tree. I’ve found each of them sitting next to the tree, patiently hoping for an early and delicious Christmas miracle. Santa may not be around until next week, but these two have had no trouble working me over with puppy-dog eyes for a few extra treats.

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