The biggest holiday decision for a pet

We’re up at Emily’s parents today. If you caught our video earlier this week than you know Eko and Penny have a huge strategic decision to make: how best to enjoy the fire?DSC03170-1

Like this?


Or like this?


Or probably like this!

In any event, the pups and I have an exhaustive day of research ahead of us. Ruff work, but someone’s got to do it.  We’re soaking up the last of the firelight this weekend and then it’s back on the road for us.

Enjoy the holidays, catch everyone from Chicago on Monday!

15 thoughts on “The biggest holiday decision for a pet”

  1. We wish we had a fire box thingy to lay in front of! The closest heat box we sit in front of is Mommy’s little heater she has. We make sure we lay right in front of it. If the little heat box is not on, we prefer snuggling on the couch under one of Mommy’s comforters!


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