Monday Never Looked so Good

Monday, sweet Monday. You have never looked so good. I take back all those terrible things I said about you. Christmas at home was great, but we’re exhausted after all the driving, festivities and more driving.


So. Tired.

Monday, you have no expectations of us or responsibilities for us. Monday, you are quiet. Monday, you are calm. Monday, you are beautiful!


I’ll be joining the dog-pile quite shortly

We have a big year-end blog review in the next couple days, but we’ll get to that just as soon as we finish a quick 18-24 hour nap.

Hope everyone enjoyed a fun and/or relaxing holiday weekend. Recharge those batteries, the new year is almost here!

15 thoughts on “Monday Never Looked so Good”

  1. That was a great solution. You’re getting good at making that trip without another person. Maybe it’s time to enroll Eko in driving school, then he could be your relief driver. LOL
    Glad y’all made the trip ok and got to share in the holidays with both your families.


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