[VIDEO] Happy New Year!

2014 was certainly something alright. A year for celebration no matter how you look at it. Here’s our toast to the past twelve months:

And here’s a toast to all you. Happy New Year!

15 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to you all!! Loved the round up of 2014… and we cannot wait to read about your adventures and antics this year. I’ve been missing for the past month or so, so the news of Dutch is just heartbreaking… but he couldn’t have wished for a better family to be honored by!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

  2. I’m crying. 🙁 What a fabulous year it was for you and the part about Dutch broke our heart. Glad to have shared nearly EVERY POST WITH YOU!!!! We will always be loyal readers (providing WordPress lets us access your blog! lol) HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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