Fresh and Clean for the New Year

After the fun and frenetic holidays we have big plans for the weekend. We’ll all be pulling what I like to call a, “Penny after the beach.”2.1

“Hey, it’s Friday! I’m awake, let’s have some fun!”


“But the couch is comfy, maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a minute…:




But before we kick off our relaxing weekend, I had Penny and Eko kick off their collars for the first bath of the New Year


Eko and Penny, 2015 models, fresh off the lot!

We’ll be well rested, well groomed and well prepared to hit the ground running for the new year. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

21 thoughts on “Fresh and Clean for the New Year”

  1. The same to you. One question Will. How is it that Emily always end up in the corner of the couch, while Eko and Penny take most of it? That’s what Alex does to me.

  2. Mom keeps threatening me about bath time. So far, I have dodged that bullet. You two look sparkling clean! It almost makes me think…. No. I’m not ready….

    Love and licks,


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