[VIDEO] Penny’s Security Blanket

Asleep, awake, full-speed or lounge-speed, Penny feels most comfortable with Eko by her side. It’s nice to have a big brother to look out for you. Especially when you’re a troublemaker. Here’s just a few of the ways Eko keeps an eye on Penny.

Happy Friday!

22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Penny’s Security Blanket”

  1. So sweet. Penny is a lucky little girl, and Eko is an excellent big brother . . . but based on the ball toss miss, I think they might want to work on their approach to mixed doubles tennis. 😉

  2. Our little doh knows no fear. She chased something up the hill one day and then realized she bit off more than she could chew! She rapidly ran down the hill for our Chloe (Ridgeback) for her back up! She may be small, but, pretty smart😎


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