Unexpected Adventures

“A shared love of adventure” is near the very top of the long list of reasons I love my dogs. Wherever I go, Eko and Penny follow with an infectious eagerness to romp and explore. From cross-country road trips to trips to the beach, I love planning adventures of all sizes with my pups.

My all-season adventurer

But one of my favorite things about having dogs is the unplanned and unexpected adventures. Those spontaneous moments of exuberance and mischievousness which appear from nowhere and owe their existence to nothing in particular.

At the end of last week I took out my recycling after a trip to the beach. Apparently I did not close the door well enough  because at the bottom of the steps I heard a thunderous avalanche behind me. Eko and Penny decided they weren’t done romping for the day.


The players dashed onto the field 


And the game was on!


Penny zoomed with reckless abandon 


And jumped with joy


Why? Because why not?


Even a trip to the recycling bin can be an adventure with pups

Now, all unexpected adventures with pups are not pure joy (Penny destroying my couch, for example). But these unexpected and unscripted moments are what make life interesting. And more often than not, they make life a whole lot more fun!

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