Are “Dog People” Born or Made?

I love dogs. Always have. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a dog guy. I also love Emily. But when we started dating, Emily was not a dog person. *GASP!* I know, I know.

Emily didn’t particularly dislike dogs but she didn’t particularly like them either. When I talked about getting a dog Emily was hesitant. Thankfully Eko’s charm proved too powerful and he wooed Emily into bringing him home.

Just look at her smirk! 

Loving a cute puppy is easy. Loving and caring for a dog full-time is not. It involves a lot of work and commitment. Emily made that commitment with me and her love of dogs grew each day.


Eko grew too, but they still hold each other the same way they did that first day

Over the past four years Emily discovered how much her interests line up with a pup’s interests.


Emily loves walks and runs


She loves naps


She loves finding a good treat


And did I mention she loves naps?

Walks and naps and treats and naps are great. But I don’t think those things are the main reason Emily’s fallen head over heels for the pups. I think the real reason Emily’s come over to the “dog person” side  is all the additional love the dogs provide her.


It’s a whole lot of love


No matter the weather, Emily can always count on the pups for plenty of affection


And no matter where she sits in the apartment, you can be sure Emily will have her pups curled up close


So close in fact it’s sometimes hard to see she’s there


Emily’s become a dog-person through and through

So it seems “dog people” are both born and made. Which one are you? Or are you unconverted like Emily once was!? *DOUBLE GASP* 

Eko and Penny would be happy to love you until you realize it’s hopeless not to love them back!

56 thoughts on “Are “Dog People” Born or Made?”

  1. Ohhhhhh, good question! I think there are some people who are dog people, 100%. Honestly, I have always loved dogs but it wasn’t until i was an adult and I saw how a dog and human bond enhanced life that I really got it. I went from ‘dogs are great’ to ‘dogs are required’!


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