Call Me Snoopy

When I get up to shower, the dogs look like this:

Innocent and quiet as can be

But when I’m in the shower I swear I hear a stampede or a marching band or a stampeding marching band going through the apartment. If I rush out of the shower, I open the bathroom only to find Eko and Penny right where I left them.

Call me snoopy (the adjective, not the dog), but I needed to know what really happens when the pups think I’m not watching. So yesterday I turned on the shower like normal but hid with the bathroom door cracked just enough to keep an eye on the action.


Eko sat prepared. But prepared for what?


Penny to bug him, of course


And poke him in the eye


And give him a dental exam

It was like watching kids play when their teacher stepped out of the room for a minute. I started snickering from my hidden perch.


“Hey, what’s that noise?”


Eko spotted me and the jig was up

Not surprisingly, Eko and Penny like to get into trouble when they think I’m not watching. I make slightly less noise than a hippopotamus so in-person spying isn’t my forte. I may have to set up a hidden camera to catch the full story.

Anyone else ever snoop on their pets?

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