Eko’s New Normal

You can almost always pick out the experienced pet-people. They have a certain “been there, done that” stoicism and don’t sweat the small stuff. What friends might find extraordinary doesn’t even catch the attention of someone who lives it every day.

It turns out people aren’t the only ones who adjust to the new normal of adding a pet to the family. Eko used to react to Penny’s every move. First he avoided her. Then he followed her to keep an eye on what she was doing. And if Penny ever jumped on Eko she was met with a resounding show of force. These days? Not so much.

Penny will try to drag Eko around by his collar to start a fight, but often he acts like he doesn’t even notice


Next, the little ankle biter tries another tactic to get attention, but Eko just stares her down

I think Eko’s learned a lesson all pet-people do; don’t reward unwanted behavior with attention. Eko wrestles when he wants to, but he knows when he doesn’t want to wrestle, ignoring Penny is the most effective tactic.

And just like Eko taught me “personal space” rules don’t apply to him, Penny’s taught the same lesson. My former space-hog now positions himself on the futon with the expectation he’ll be used as a pillow.


How times have changed

As if that wasn’t proof enough Eko’s a changed dog, he even lets Penny share coveted lap space.


Sure, they may cut off circulation to Emily’s legs, but she can’t help but smile


Whether human or dog, adding a new pup changes your “normal” 


Pen, you’re lucky you’re cute!

We all know how our pets change us, but Eko and Penny have taught me how much pets can change each other. If you have multiple pets I’m interested to hear any stories about what they’ve taught the other.

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