Meet Doc!

As of last weekend we have a new four-legged family member. Doc is an 8ish-year-old pointer my brother adopted through Illinois Shorthaired Rescue. We got word Doc is people-friendly, dog-friendly and just about everything-friendly, so I couldn’t wait to set up a meeting with his new cousins. I wasn’t the only excited one.11.1

“Omygosh, Eko guess what!? We have a new friend!”


Welcome home, Doc


True to his resume, Doc is a sweet boy and happily introduced himself to the gang


Penny was thrilled to have a new pal and she stuck right to Doc’s hip. Literally.


“Soo…is she always like this, or what?”

Worried Doc might get overwhelmed, I considered bringing Penny inside. But the two quickly settled into a playful report and Doc gave as good as he got.


“Alright old man, you still got some life in ya!”

We only had time for a quick first meeting, but Doc, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We have lots to learn about Doc and he has lots to learn about us, but we at least sure Doc knows what the word “treat” means.


“Did I hear someone say ‘treat?'”

He should fit right in. Looking forward to lots of fun adventure with the newest addition to our gang.

37 thoughts on “Meet Doc!”

  1. Oh man, Will, that Doc is one handsome dude! Maybe between him and Eko, they can ‘handle’ the princess. Yeah, you’re probably right…not a chance. Big fur welcome to the new guy. He definitely looks like a gem.


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