Eko Surrenders

We’re on day four of house arrest for Penny. The natives are getting restless. The futon behind my desk is usually the pups’ favorite place to curl up and relax in front of the space heater. Yesterday however, Penny decided it would be a good place to pick a fight.19.1

Poor Eko, you can just see on his face he knows what’s coming


“Penny, no… Penny, no…”


“Penny, No!”


Disregarding Eko’s pleas, Penny attacked


Eko was understandably incredulous at being assaulted by a diaper-wearing, nutjob pup


Penny, on the other hand, reveled in the mayhem


The little ankle biter refused to leave big bro alone


Eko tried to keep Penny at bay with one paw


And even tried to fend her off with two paws


Clearly nothing worked


As the old saying goes, “If you can’ beat ’em, just give up completely”


“Will, please don’t make me stay in here with that…creature.”

Penny’s currently curled up on the futon but Eko’s elected to set up shop out on the couch. I can’t say I blame him for raising the white flag. Luckily the cavalry (aka UPS) is on the way with a few new toys for the pups. Hopefully we can keep Penny entertained and keep Eko in one piece!

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