Puppy Karma

Someone once told me Rhodesian Ridgebacks usually fall into one of two categories; “hunters” and “guardians.” I’m not sure how true the adage is overall but it certainly fits nicely with my two. No surprise Penny’s my “hunter” and Eko my “guardian.”

Penny may be half Eko’s size, but what she lacks in size she certainly makes up for with tenacity. She’s a banner model for the “size of the fight in the dog” side of the old phrase. 25.1

Penny’s always on the prowl. She’s the first to run to the door, first to explore a new sound and definitely first in line when treats are around


My crazy hunter even tries to hunt treats straight out of Eko’s mouth! Brave? Foolish? A bit of both I’d say

As a guardian, Eko is stoic, even tempered and sticks close by even when off-leash. Penny knows Eko’s got a calmer disposition so she feels free to antagonize him at-will.


Most of the time Eko shrugs off Penny when she’s being annoying. But every so often he likes to remind her she should be more considerate of her elders


Penny thought she could swat Eko on the head without any consequences. As you can see in her face, she realized her miscalculation


“Hey, hey, I’m supposed to be the annoying one!”




The only injury Penny sustained was to her pride


“Oh man, I got my butt kicked…”

Thankfully, Eko and Penny have never actually fought. Not even close. So that means when Eko puts Penny in her place I can sit back and giggle like a schoolboy. It’s little bit of funny karma coming full circle. And it’s a good reminder to Penny that sometimes the size of the dog in the fight does in fact count.

Maybe Penny’s learned her lesson and will stop buggi…. sorry, I couldn’t finish that sentence with a straight face. We all need someone to help us keep our feet/paws on the ground. It’s nice Eko the guardian also guards against Penny’s ego getting too big!

23 thoughts on “Puppy Karma”

  1. Your dogs are like ours, so funny, thats why we stop by every evening to check whats up in paralel universe 🙂 Only difference is that our female is the same size as our male ( she is quite big for a female)… and our male is still the boss… so the size doesnt matter 🙂

    Our male is a guard, its incredible how he hears everything around our house and checks visitors. He barks rearly, only with a good reason and our female joins him, altough she doesnt know why, just because they are a pack 🙂
    Our female is a hunter, obsessed with birds, cats, etc. so we have to be careful with her.
    I think they will never walk off leash near a road, just because of her obsession and my fear of them getting hurt, so I am sometimes jelaous of all smart and well raised dogs who walk off leash with their owners 🙂

    Did you manage off leash walking near a road with Eko and Penny (not sure about regulations in your city on walking a dog off leash, so maybe its a wrong question from start)?


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