[VIDEO] Draining the Energizer Puppy

Another week of house arrest in the books, so hopefully not much longer until we’re back to our regularly scheduled adventures. As always, you learn most when challenged so a challenging couple weeks has really helped me learn the most effective ways to tire out the pups indoors. Definitely useful info to keep in my back pocket.

Have a great weekend!


28 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Draining the Energizer Puppy”

  1. Will, where did you get the wonderful lion manes? Heading to the RR National in September and would like to have my RR’s in full costume.

  2. Such smart doggies! Now Mom wants me to play dead. Every time we try it, I roll over and my face says the word, “Give me the treats, woman!” Apparently, we have some work to do.

    Love and licks,


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