Whoever invented DST did not have pets

Daylight Saving Time is a weird trick that no one quite understands. 

Kind of like the levitating Penny trick from last week

We’re going in one direction and then all of a sudden the clock turns around and tells us it’s not what time we think it is.

Every time we change the clocks I feel like Penny in the above photo

Us humans have managed to trick ourselves into believing we can play with time, but our pets care little for our calculations. Breakfast and Dinner time are immutable. Daylight Saving Time is completely alien to them.

Speaking of alien, I recently discovered Penny’s silhouette is a space invader

Yesterday morning the pups were so delighted to get breakfast earlier than expected, they demanded dinner early too. Luckily I was able to fend them off with a few treats.

Keeping the natives from getting restless

“I don’t understand DST, Will.” Neither do I, Penny.

As usual, we go by Hungry Standard Time, regardless of what the clock says. I’m with the dogs on this one and say we should do away with DST.

Anyone else get tricked into early meals, walks or shenanigans yesterday?

34 thoughts on “Whoever invented DST did not have pets”

  1. LOL this is so true :-). Next week the UK clocks change, but as we are in America our friends who are cat/house sitting will have to train the moggies … GOOD LUCK to them ;-). Sorry not been around lately on blogs hope you are all well x


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