Luck of the Irish

My favorite holidays all share three crucial components – good food, good company, no presents. St. Patrick’s Day hits the mark for all three. Well, at least it does for those like me who are corned beef and cabbage fiends.

Of course you can never discuss the Irish without mentioning good luck. I don’t have a four leaf clover, but I do have a lucky Penny. And a lucky Eko.17.1

Today, they’re Irish Ridgebacks

Recently we’ve had quite the run with Lady Luck.


We were lucky to get one great blizzard out of winter


And lucky that barely a month later spring really sprung


We were lucky my brother found Doc at just the right time


And lucky to have plenty of reasons to smile each day


Like finding (what amounts to) a pot of gold at breakfast and dinner!

The best part about my four-legged lucky charms is they remind me that we often make our own luck. No matter the situation or circumstance, pups are eager to make the best of it. So whatever your situation, here’s hoping you find good food and good company to celebrate each day with.

If you have a pet, you’re already halfway there. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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