Happy Birthday Penny!

Well look at that, my calendar app is broken because I just got an alert that Penny turns one today.

*Checks date*

WHAT? HOW? 24.1

My little girl ain’t so little anymore

It’s true, my wild child is one year old.


It seems like just yesterday she wasn’t even as tall standing as Eko was laying down


I guess time flies when you’re stinking cute!


It’s been such a joy to watch Penny grow


From a little pup who could barely keep up


To a speed demon who matches Eko stride for stride


Oh yes, there were times she tested our patience


But it pales in comparison to all the fun and adventure we had


Penny, you’re so (relatively) mature now!

He’s normally not sappy, but even Eko got a little emotional this week about Penny’s big day.


“You may be a punk, but you’re my punk. Bring it in for a hug, sis!”

Here’s to one incredible year and hopefully many more to come. Happy birthday Penny!

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