Making New Memories

On Saturday we cruised the stretch of road that leads to Eko and Penny’s favorite beach. But with Canine Influenza still lingering in the city, we drove right on by. Penny let out a sad whine. By now, the pups could probably drive themselves to the beach blindfolded. They know the drive and the beach by heart.

Our destination that day was my brother’s apartment, which Eko and Penny have only visited a single time. So I was surprised when they both immediately made a line to my brother’s door and nearly knocked it down trying to get Doc to play.

And play they did.13.1

“Let’s get ready to rumble!”


No hug like a Penny hug


And no jump like a Doc jump! I’m not sure even a bird in flight is safe


Penny spread the love and gave her big bro plenty of affection


Who returned it in his own special way

13.6 It was fun afternoon hanging with these two

Although it was only our second trip, the pups clearly have plenty of happy memories from our visits

 Elephants never forget, but when there’s a fun adventure to be had, neither do pups!

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