Thank You!

You’re looking at an exhausted but married man. The weekend was a huge success and it was so much fun having everyone in town to celebrate with us.

Eko insisted on nuzzling each and every family member who visited

But before the weekend kicked off we received such an incredible outpouring of kindness and well wishes in all the comments on last week’s posts. Emily and I read each and every one and were grinning from ear to ear.

I can’t wait to share some photos from the big day with everyone here, but the photographer said it will take about two weeks to get those. In the meantime he did send over this preview of our first kiss.

Not really. Hopefully we pulled it off with a bit more grace! 

Emily has a hectic schedule at the hospital, so we elected to hold off on a honeymoon/vacation until her next break. Thankfully she does have a few days off, because I’m not sure either of us has ever been so drained in our entire lives.

The other good news is that all the activity over the weekend exhausted the pups too, so they’re operating at our speed:

And what’s our speed? Zero.

This looks like the perfect adventure right now

We’ll be taking it easy this week, but I just had to drop in and thank you all for the joy, love and excitement you brought to our hearts. It was and is very much appreciated.

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  1. Congratulations Will and Emily!!! You two make the sweetest couple and Eko and Penny just add to it!! Here’s to many many days, months and years filled with lots of love, happiness and smiles! Becky, Scott and Kiwi the ridgie.


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