Routine Nervousness

The good news is that after a few days of tiring out Penny before her spay surgery, I found her passed out like this.

Dog tired, in the best way

The bad news is that I just had to leave Penny at the vet. We had a nice long walk over there and I gave Penny a cheerful, “Be right back!” before I left. But now that Penny’s out of sight I can drop the act and let my anxiety run free.

Yes, I know how routine a spay surgery is. Yes, I have a great vet. No, none of that stops me from worrying. Can’t help myself. So instead I’m trying to think about how I’m going to spoil the little punk when I pick her up.

I promise we’ll throw a welcome home party like no other

I promise there will be plenty of treats

Eko and I promise to give her the best spot on the couch

And most of all I promise to help Penny heal up and get back to what she does best – cause trouble!

A spay is a routine procedure for a vet, and nervousness is the routine procedure on my end. Now I just need my phone to ring so I can go play the hero and bring my little pup back home where she belongs!

I’ll post a full update on the patient tomorrow morning.

55 thoughts on “Routine Nervousness”

  1. Having read today’s post I’m so glad all went well! I was so worried about Boca’s eye surgery – it makes me nervous every time, routine or no. GA is a big deal for dogs and humans!

  2. Hello Will,

    Wondering if your vet discussed or offered you the gastropexy procedure; supposedly great for dogs who can bloat, as it can lower the incidence by suturing the stomach to the abdominal wall to keep it from ‘twisting’, which can ‘kink’ the larger blood vessels. A friend of mine is a vet & suggested the procedure. Kinda’ like to know what your vet says/said about it!?!

    Hang in there when Penny gets home; challenging I know keeping a large dog “down” during her recovery! And, ask about using Benadryl too after pain meds are gone to aid in taking things down a notch so she doesn’t rough house post-sx!

    All our best,

    Rene & Chich

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    • I’ve discussed gastropexy with a number of vets. In my case, I am more concerned about Eko than Penny because of his size/shape. The vets I spoke with all had varying opinions, but I would say the summary opinion was “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That said, there are many vets who advocate for the procedure in larger, at-risk dogs. I’m obviously in no position to counter any professional opinions, but I do feel comfortable not optioning for the procedure with my two. I always make sure to limit exercise before/after meals and I feed them in slobowls which prevent the dangerous, gulping eating that can lead to bloat.

      As is often the case, I don’t think there is one “right” answer here. It’s more of figuring out what’s right for you and your pet.


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